Bookings for Public Speaking

I have presented to all age groups from 100 sixth graders to  national professional conferences. The topics I offer vary as much as those assembled and can be massaged to suit very audience. I enjoy every moment in these diverse settings. I also present and read at book clubs, libraries, bookstores, colleges/universities and other venues around the country.


  • Women Prisoners and Their Children

  • Prisons are a Big Business

  • Children of the Incarcerated: the forgotten element of prison sentences

  • Prisons and Prisoners: who really goes to prison and why

  • The Truth about the Death Penalty

  • Women Working in Corrections: Past, Present and Future

  • A Woman's Journey: memoir readings and discoveries

  • Women Who Love Men That Kill


  • Translating Personal Experiences into a best seller: hands-on memoir workshop

  • Voyages of Discovery: a positive look at who  you are and what and where you want to be


If you would like to see a list of upcoming presentations, please go to my "Events" page. If you would like to inquire about bookings and workshops please go to my "Contact Me" page. Upon request I will send you a list of venues where I have presented.


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