After an epic winter and a cool rainy spring, summer is here in all its glory. However, my life has been quite chaotic. Smokey, my wonderful dog that was always filled with joy died suddenly in January. He was eleven. I filed an application to adopt a Picard Shepard like Smokey but was told it was highly unlikely one would be available since they are a rare, almost an extinct breed. So I adopted nine-year-old Spot, a hound from the Humane Society knowing he would be hard to place because of his age and medical needs. He has turned out to be a loving, special dog. Then five weeks ago I was contacted by the Picard Kennel club about four-year-old Bear. He needed to be re-homed. Of course I took him and he, too is wonderful. So now I have three dogs--Scooter is twelve. Along with that I am now in the middle of a major reconstruction project due to my garage floor and driveway sinking. At the end of August I will be hiking in the Dolomites, Italy and then the Croatian Coast. I really look forward to the trip. Dogs will be well taken care of by my long time house/pet sitters. I hope you are enjoying your summer.


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