By Tekla Dennision Miller

Big Bay Point Lighthouse, on Michigan's Lake Superior, has illuminated rocky shoals for more than a hundred years. Transformed into a safehouse, these days the stout old tower shelters women and children from emotional turbulence. Celeste Brookstone, as new owner and director of the safehouse, has found a satisfying life mission following the murder of her daughter, Pilar. Celeste is also taking full advantage of the proximity of the light house to the new man in her life, retired prison warden, Max Whitefeather. That the shelter is so close to Hawk Haven Prison, where Pilar's murderer is serving a life sentence, seems immaterial to Celeste. After all, she has played a part in seeing Chad Wilbanks locked away in maximum security isolation.


Or is he? When Chad escapes with the help of his groupie, Lizzie Chatfield, and Priscilla, Lizzie's best friend and a volunteer at the safehouse, he, too, is on a mission: settling the score with Celeste. Once Chad leaves the two women for dead he heads to the lighthouse. The worst November storm on record creates the perfect cover for Chad's approach - but Celeste is better prepared than he expects.


What Celeste is not prepared for is a shocking truth in the form of a ghost from her past. Now it's not only about saving her life, but saving her sanity.


"Terror never felt so cold. Tekla Dennison Miller deals the cards of suspense like a pro, pitting the vulnerability of a woman alone against the maniacal vengeance of an escaped killer, riding it in on one of the winter’s deadliest storms. I’ll never look at the Upper Peninsula in quite the same way."


- Darrell James, Award Winning Author of Body Count

2018 Copyright - Tekla Dennison Miller