The Warden Wore Pink


"The Warden Wore Pink presents an often humorous, occasionally tragic, but always illuminating account of prison life and the struggles of an exceptionally gifted woman to forge new frontiers in a previously all-male domain."

A Bowl of Cherries


When Tekla was thirteen, her mother committed suicide four years after her father died. Tekla's twenty-three-year-old sister, Alyce, a working mother and abused spouse, becomes her guardian. This memoir presents their journey from a tragedy-filled life in a bleak railroad town to one of victory over impossible odds. The two sisters encounter not only death of their parents and domestic violence, but other fearsome and timeless demons: flight for their lives, attempted murder, rape, abuse, kidnapping and poverty.

Life Sentences  


There are men who take women’s lives. There are men who kill their souls. . . . Celeste Brookstone has the ideal life. On the surface. When her daughter takes a job with the Michigan prison system, she fears for Pilar’s safety. But she’s glad Pilar’s away from the hell on earth Marcus Brookstone has created within his own home.

Inevitable Sentences 


Big Bay Point Lighthouse, on Michigan's Lake Superior, has illuminated rocky shoals for more than a hundred years. Transformed into a safehouse, these days the stout old tower shelters women and children from emotional turbulence. Celeste Brookstone, as new owner and director of the safehouse, has found a satisfying life mission following the murder of her daughter, Pilar. Celeste is also taking full advantage of the proximity of the light house to the new man in her life, retired prison warden, Max Whitefeather.

Mother Rabbit


Mother Rabbit is the true story of the Bunny Mother for Chicago's famous Playboy Club in the tumultuous 1960s ...this could be the dream job of a lifetime or the toughest challenge.

Alyce Bonura is a single mother who takes a position as the Bunny Mother of the Chicago Playboy Club to not only flee from a negative relationship but to pursue a career that guarantees financial freedom and upward mobility. Unfortunately, all is not what is assured or expected.

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